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In 2013, HODAG RPG was born of a spark in a conversation between two best friends. It would be their last project together, tho only one of them knew that. Ursa Minor belongs to the stars now, as Ursa Major carries on his legacy as HODAG RPG in honor of his late friend, which is very confusing in this context.  But it makes sense, I guess, every other place...

I think I speak for both of us now when I say that we hope you enjoy it.

Ruleset and Mechanics

Ursa Minor, Ursa Major 


Ursa Major (@HodagRPG)





CategoryPhysical game
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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagsd6, Fantasy, OSR, Retro, retroclone, Spooky, Tabletop role-playing game


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Concise game; thanks for making it :) I have some questions after reading that hopefully aren't a result of missing something in the text:

  1. Do damage-dealing spells automatically hit? I can't find rules for spells being successful or failing other than those that attempt to mind-control.
  2. Looking at the default resolution mechanic, what is considered an easy, medium, or hard task, and what would their static difficulties be set as? Is a 7 considered an average difficulty, for instance?
  3. In the section where adversaries are introduced, you have an attack listed for each adversary, but I'm unsure of how to apply the attack score in-game. It seems like it's meant to be the bonus applied to an adversary's 2d6 to-hit roll. Is that right?


Thanks for reaching out! Whatever solutions work best at your table are great, but here's how I do it:

1-Spells Autohit...Unless you'd prefer to roll 2d6 + casters attack vs. Target characters.

2-7 standard, 5 easy, 9 difficult, 11 hard

3-Yep! You got it. Unless something works better at your table. 

Thanks again for playing our game!


This is a lovely, lightweight, hackable OSR game! I don't know what on earth possessed you guys to make the Hodag cryptid your titular mascot monster, but I'm very glad you did!


We wanted to celebrate the legacy of our local fantastic creature. Well, statewise anyway.

Love it! Noticed the lightning spell (major) is the same as the light spell (trivial). 

Shoot! thanks!

Fixed! Thanks!

Still not fixed in the "individuals" file. ;)